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Want to get in contact with me?

Honestly, the best way is twitter! I am always on twitter and I normally respond to messages on there (Or at least read them!)

I am also increasingly active on Instagram!

It is a great place to see my comics and artwork and you can always

send me a message there!


Of Course, you can email me.


I am sluggish with emails though, and it can take me a fair old amount of time to read them and even longer to return the message!

From time to time I do stream on Twitch. This is a combination of art and games.

It's probably not the best place to shout at me about doing work, but if you just want to hang out and see what I do and how I do it, then this is the place!

Don't panic if I don't get back to you straight away, sadly I am not always at my PC or on my phone. Sometimes I am just out there enjoying life!

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