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Watching Studio Ghibli's Spirited away at the age of 15 opened some kind of revelation for me. Animation wasn't something "just for kids" - someone had to actually make this!

Somthing someone could do as a job!

So began a educational route to learn to be an animator.

I started on the schools computers back in 2006. Learning how to use what was then Macromedia Flash (now owned by adobe)

I taught myself frame by frame animation and motion tweening. Soon I was making "home animations" to upload online.

in 2009 with a small showreel I was accepted into the

University of Bolton's Animation & Illustration Course.

This course was lead by industry proffesionals

Pete Beard

Illustrator for the Radio Times

and Meryl Edge

Key Frame Animator at Cosgrove Hall - BFG, Wind in the Willows, Danger Mouse.

There I honed my skills and after three years of hard work I graduated in 2012 with a degree

Bachelor of Arts 1st + Honours.

Finally I was an animator!

Since then I have made web animations for online influencers and indie film.

Although I can easily say animation is my passion, I do not tend to be able offer this service on a free-lance base often. This is due to time commitments and clashes with other jobs. 

Animation Showreel - Dated Spring 2018:

Most Recent Animation - 2022:

Recent animation: Inspired by lo-fi hip hop beats videos.


These are a series of animation shorts. They are still in creation and are subject to change before final release.

They resolved around two LGBT characters who are in a relationship together. Originally created to supplement a personal web comic created project about these two and wanting to put voice and movement to them!

Click left and right to see animated gif's made for clients.

Warning! Might be slow to load!

Character Design and Turn Around:

Video showing the creation process from one of my animations:

Simon Sack Turn-Around.png
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